Students, MPA Program Spotlight

with MPA student Elizabeth Spaeth
"Pursuing a graduate degree in public administration will help me in my shift from a clinical side and approach public service from a different perspective in a way I feel better suits my career current objectives and interests."       ~(MPA) Student Elizabeth Spaeth — Newton, NH
with MPA student Cyndi Roll
"My ability to identify goals for myself and achieve them will serve me well in my endeavor to utilize an MPA to make an impact in any organization I may work for."       ~(MPA) Student Cyndi Roll — Farmington, NH
with MPA student Faithe Miller Lakowicz
"I'm interested in supporting healthy communities through public service and nonprofit leadership."       ~(MPA) Student Faithe Miller Lakowicz — Concord, NH
with MPA student Kyle Hacker
"I envision myself as being a lifelone public servant to the state of New Hampshire and an MPA degree will supplement my work ethic, knowledge, and technical skills so that I can lead the organization into the future while upholding the mission statement."       ~(MPA) Student Kyle Hacker — NH
with MPA student Joe Devine
"I want to take the skills and knowledge back to the community I work for to help it become successful."       ~(MPA) Student Joe Devine — Rochester, NH
with MPA student Thomas Case
"My long-term objective is to succeed in a leadership role in public service."       ~(MPA) Student Thomas Case — Manchester, NH
with MPA student Calista Barbowski
"A huge goal is to be able to make connections through courses I take and to expand on learning about more job opportunities I could have that interest me."       ~(MPA) Student Calista Barbowski — Manchester, NH
with MPA student Stephen Appleby
"I am excited to start a graduate program where I can formalize my previous experience as well as deepen my knowledge of public sector management, public finance, and public policy."       ~(MPA) Student Stephen Appleby — Bedford, NH
with MPA student Becky Wintringer
"I am so fortunate to work in a world where I can exercise my strenths in interpersonal connection and communication while gaining valuable professional business experience."       ~(MPA) Student Becky Wintringer — Hartford, WI
with MPA student Sarah Tremblay
"II understand the importance of coaching and collaborating wiht staff and colleagues to create an effective, thriving team that is results driven."       ~(MPA) Student Sarah Tremblay — Dover, NH
with MPA student Abigail Salomon
"Meeting with representatives from all over the state sparked my interest in doing more and seeing what other opportunities there could be for me to assist our community."       ~(MPA) Student Abigail Salomon — VT
with MPA student Leanne Ryder
"My long-term career objective is to become more effective at partnership and network management, to strengthen my program evaluation skills, and to learn to manage internal teams and operations for greater impact."       ~(MPA) Student Leanne Ryder — CT