Students, MPP Program Spotlight

with Accelerated MPP student Delaney Cote
"No matter the exact path, Delaney feels equipped with what she is learning and continues to value field focused experiences as she pursues her degree."
with MPP student Antonio Serna
"I have a deeply held belief that equality cannot be realized without combating the inequalities marginalized groups in society experience every day"       ~(MPP) Student Antonio Serna 
with MPP student Carly Prescott
"Without Washington, D.C., I never would have understood my true passions"       ~(MPP) Student Carly Prescott— Elkins, NH
with MPP student Stephanie McNally
"I am determined to become a proponent of change at the societal level that will have an impact on my community"       ~(MPP) Student Stephanie McCally — Bethesda, MD
with MPP student Thomas Galarneau
"I am not merely following the path that I chose to be on, but one that has fit me quite well to this point"       ~(MPP) Student Thomas Galarneau — Portsmouth, NH
with MPP Tricia Foster
"Building community with equity, economic, and the environment as equally necessary components, is essential to sustainable community development"       ~(MPP) Student Tricia Foster — Lancaster, NH
with MPP student Shauni McGowan
"I enjoy data trends and believe that data can holp one better understand the system and make the most informed decisions in the system"       ~(MPP) Student Shauni McGowan — Rochester, NH
with MPP student Ethan Manning
"I have realized that although there is aid to be given, pointers to be received, there is an equal amount of knowledge that can only be received by the person who goes after it themselves"       ~(MPP) Student Ethan Manning — Manchester, NH
with MPP student Kira Nolan
"I want to be a changemaker in the environmental policy field and work to create learning opportunities for people to better understand what socio-economic issues affect them on a regional and global level"       ~(MPP) Student Kira Nolan — Richmond, VT
with MPP student Solstice Soliba
"I want to do graduate work in the public policy field because I have that 'save the world' mindset and feel that I can contribute to making it a better place to live regardless of the area of the world"       ~(MPP) Student Solstice Soliba — Canada
with MPP student Sam Christy-Rubin
"My immediate goal is to address policy reform within the educational system to ensure that all students have equal access to a quality education in an evironment that cares for the whole person"       ~(MPP) Student Sam Christy-Rubin — Dunbarton, NH
with MPP Student Carson Hansford
"With a master's degree in public policy from the Carsey School, I can better serve and give back to the community, educate and lead those who feel as if they may not have a voice"       ~(MPP) Student Carson Hansford — New Hampshire