Students, MPP Program Spotlight

With MPP Student Alex Stern
"The Washington, D.C., Colloquium was the biggest selling point for me, and it did not disappoint. During this experience, my cohort members and I met with government officials, lobbyists, campaign coordinators, news reporters, and...
With MPP Student Dakotah Thunder Wilson
"I believe an MPP will equip me to advise on and perhaps eventually create more sensible healthcare policies in New Hampshire and the United States."       ~(MPP) Student Dakotah Thunder Wilson — Dover, NH
With MPP Student Kacie Snyder
My experience as an MPP student has given me hope that a brighter future is possible, so long as we approach policy issues with tact and empathy. I've gained exposure to varying worldviews of policy experts, students, and professors, which has shaped my understanding of the world at large. I'm...
With MPP Student Justus Schriedel
"I realized I loved social justice work so much that I wanted to make it my career, and that realization inspired me to join the MPP program!"       ~(MPP) Student Justus Schriedel — Portsmouth, NH
With MPP Student Carly Prescott
"After my time working for Senator Jeanne Shaheen, I discovered a passion for New Hampshire social issues including our public education system."       ~(MPP) Student Carly Prescott — Elkins, NH
With MPP Student Zachary Phillips
"I wish to create an environment where our veterans are honored, respected, and taken care of by the country and her citizens."       ~(MPP) Student Zachary Phillips — Concord, NH
With MPP Student Stephanie McNally
"I believe an MPP would provide me the tools to work within policy approaches that better consider the diversity of the population they serve."       ~(MPP) Student Stephanie McNally — Bethesda, MD
With MPP Student Tricia Foster
"Working in renewable resources is important to me because it's the future - there's no way to move forward without sustainable policy. And sustainable policy must include the three E's of sustainability: Equity, Environmental impact, and Economic opportunities. If we aren't considering these three...
With MPP Student Zoe Dawson
"I am hopeful that getting my MPP will enhance my future goals of keeping harmful policies out of law."       ~(MPP) Student Zoe Dawson — Moultonborough, NH
With MPP Student Hannah Chisholm
"I want to expand the toolkit that my experiences have helped me create in order to serve my community better."       ~(MPP) Student Hannah Chisholm — Nashua, NH
With Accelerated MPP Student Meriah Metzger
"Having the experiences associated with the Accelerated Masters in Public Policy program has been really helpful in learning more about what I am interested in and how to best apply my skillset. "       ~(Accelerated MPP) Student Meriah Metzger  — Shelburne, VT
With MPP Student Tavion Dignard
"Obtaining my BA in Women’s Studies gave me the push to move toward “being the change” and gaining further knowledge of the intersection of gender and gender roles within society currently and historically and experience in advocating for feminism and various social justice issues."       ~(MPP)...