Students, MCD Program Spotlight

With MCD Student Lindsey Hajduk
"The MCD Program will give me tools and strategies to create a safe, connected community where everyone has a place to call home."       ~(MCD) Student Lindsey Hajduk — Anchorage, AK
With MCD Student Matthew Parker
"I am pursuing the Masters in Community Development to build out the tools I believe necessary to lead the Union of Minority Neighborhoods and to be an example to my children."       ~(MCD) Student Matthew Parker — Boston, MA
With MCD Student Jessica Martin
"I have a passion for housing issues, regional economic development, supporting under-served populations and transit related issues."       ~(MCD) Student Jessica Martin — Manchester, NH
With MCD Student Leo'el Jackson
"Since graduating from college, my main focus has been on keeping people in their homes and creating housing opportunities for people who do not have a home."       ~(MCD) Student Leo'el Jackson — Rochester, NY
With MCD Student Brandon Jones
"I plan to lead community relations nationally and globally with concentrated efforts on lessening the wealth gap in communities of color."       ~(MCD) Student Brandon Jones — Dallas, TX
With MCD Student Victor Balaguer Datiz
"I believe that pursuing a masters-level education in community development at the Carsey School of Public Policy would allow me to successfully scale my work from something that is a local disaster recovery model to one that can affect a greater number of Puerto Ricans."       ~(MCD) Student...
With MCD Student Sofia Ashooh
"I hope to use this opportunity to delve into how I can more effectively drive budget decisions that will help organizations and the communities"       ~(MCD) Student Sofia Ashooh — Amherst, NH
With MCD Student Jacqueline Walker
"I'm looking forward to learning more about how to make lasting and sustainable change for a world that is more equitable for all."       ~(MCD) Student Jacqueline Walker — Dover, NH
With MCD Student Ethan Pope
"I want to build the skillset needed to effectively bridge the current gaps of disparity within my community"       ~(MCD) Student Ethan Pope — Chattanooga, TN
With MCD Student Jess Torres
"I am interested in making community investments that are not about individual wealth-building but visioning reparations in the form of food and land for queer, trans, intersex, black, and indigenous individuals."       ~(MCD) Student Jess Torres — Long Beach, CA
With MCD Student Natalie Rogers
"I am passionate about economic justice, participatory democracy, and community-engaged research methods."       ~(MCD) Student Natalie Rogers — Silver Spring, MD
With MCD Student Victoria Pham
"Seeking a Masters in Community Development is my way of connecting my drive to help others with my love of design on a more practical and holistic scale. I am humble to be in this program and excited to continue learning."       ~(MCD) Student Victoria Pham — Haverhill, MA Position: Public...