Alumni, MPA Program Spotlight

With MPA Alum Jennifer Thompson '02
"The professors are extremely knowledgeable on the content and subject matter and really great to learn from... I am also starting my public health certificate at the same time and the fact that I can finish with both a degree and a certificate in the same amount of time is an incredible...
With Alum Catherine Naczas '92G (MPA)
"After building a good foundation of experience – some 6 years in assisted/subsidized housing – I knew that getting my MPA was the next step in furthering my career. The MPA program put me in contention for the executive director position with the Laconia Housing Authority."       ~(MPA) Alum...
With Alum Megan Brabec '19G (MPA)
"The program allowed me to meet people doing great work around the state, and it helped me build up tangible skills that allow me to serve my community more effectively and efficiently."        ~(MPA) Alum Megan Brabec '19G
With Alum Brittany Weaver Matthews '10, '15G (MPA)
"The MPA gave me a deeper understanding of not only how public policy was developed, but how those policies are implemented, and provided me with necessary tools to avoid unintended consequences and understand what may be needed to make policy improvements."       ~ Alum Brittany Weaver Matthews, '...
With MPA Alum Sharon Tarleton
"My vision encompasses more diversity in organizational leadership throughout the state of New Hampshire as well as less duplication of services."       ~(MPA) Alum Sharon Tarleton — Somersworth, NH
With MPA Alum Jessica Gifford
"I hope that the Carsey School MPA program will provide me with greater skills to continue my career in social development and the public sector."       ~(MPA) Alum Jessica Gifford— Quito, Ecuador
With MPA Alum Connor Cryans
"I hope to develop real-life professional skills that will launch me into community work as I strive to be a community leader."       ~(MPA) Alum Connor Cryans — Hanover, NH
With Alum Sarah Dorner '14G (MPA)
Sarah Dorner '14G currently serves as the Associate Director of Admissions and International Outreach for the UNH Franklin Pierce School of Law. She knew when she completed her undergraduate degree that she wanted to pursue a...
With MPA Alumni Jennifer Salazar
"I want to be someone that works with people but more importantly, I want to help people. "       ~(MPA) Alumni Jennifer Salazar — Manchester, NH
With MPA Alumni Jeanne Walker
"It has been some time since I was in school and quite a bit has changed but I am up for this challenge. It promises to be quite a ride."       ~(MPA) Alumni Jeanne Walker — Nashua, NH
With MPA Alum Aislinn Forbes
"I am passionate about education equity and income inequality! I decided to join the MPA program to learn how to be a more effective organizer and manager. "       ~(MPA) Alum Aislinn Forbes — Auburn, NH
With Alum Brent Lemire '04G (MPA)
"The interaction with other student professionals was invaluable. I was older and had been in government for over 30 years and was able to offer a different perspective. After I retired from my first job, I went on to utilize my MPA as a Town Administrator for Northwood, NH, for four years."     ~(...