Researchers and Practitioners

Researchers and Practitioners

The University of New Hampshire is a land grant university recognized by the Carnegie Foundation as a community-engaged institution, supporting the dissemination of findings to reach the broader public. The Carsey School of Public Policy focuses on policy research for vulnerable children, youth, and families with the stated goal of giving policy makers and practitioners the timely, independent resources they need to effect change in their communities.

Aligned with these missions, an important goal of the Coös Youth Study is to establish ongoing partnerships with local researchers, organizational leaders, policy makers, service providers, educators, and other professionals. We aim to promote the educational and economic success of rural youth and young adults in the local area and beyond. Dissemination of the Coös Youth Study findings occurs via our publications of research and policy briefs, meetings with community- and school-based organizations, and local presentations of our results to educators and human service workers.

The Coös Youth Study team’s long-term goals include informing the development of youth programs aimed at reducing risk factors and enhancing protective resources for emerging adults in rural and economically unstable areas. This can be achieved in collaboration with community organizations seeking to design, implement, and evaluate interventions based on findings from our longitudinal data. In the shorter term, we will continue to engage in outreach to schools and social service agencies in Coös County.

The Coös Youth Study is also a source of research training for undergraduate and graduate students across multiple disciplines. Students are given valuable opportunities to be an integral part of all aspects of this study, including participant recruitment, data collection, data analysis, presentation of findings, and community collaborations. Students will also benefit from opportunities to complete senior, M.A., and Ph.D. theses and dissertations and from co-authorship on policy briefs and peer-reviewed research.

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions for outreach activities, or would like more information about how our research can be useful for your organization or program, please contact our project manager, Eleanor Jaffee, at or (603) 862-1012.