Paul Rippey

Senior Fellow, Center for Financial Inclusion
Carsey Fellow

Paul Rippey is a Carsey Fellow for the Sustainable Microfinance and Development Program. He  has been on the faculty of the Sustainable Microfinance and Development Program since 2009 and has taught SMDP workshops in Zanzibar and Arusha, Tanzania, and Ghana. Paul worked for over twenty years in Africa supporting pro-poor financial services. He started two microfinance institutions, one of which – Al Amana in Morocco – became the fourteenth largest in the world. In 2002, he discovered savings groups and has been working with them ever since. Since 2007, he has been an independent consultant, carrying out missions in program design, strategic planning, research, and training related to savings groups in a dozen countries in Africa and Asia.

Rippey is co-founder of Savings Revolution, an independent source of information and ideas about savings groups and similar informal financial associations. Among his particular interests are the questions of how smart phones can help simplify accounting and assure consistency of procedures in savings groups without changing their essential savings-led, community-run nature; the possibility of member-managed financial alternatives for people in Europe and North America; and the possible role of community-based structures in mitigating against the effects of climate change. Paul has BA and MA in philosophy from the University of Virginia.