Fiona S. Wilson

Clinical Associate Professor
Faculty Fellow
Phone: (603) 862-3903
Office: Management, Paul College Rm 265A, Durham, NH 03824
Image of Fiona Wilson


  • D.B.A, Strategy & Policy, Boston University
  • M.B.A., Business Admin.&Managemt, Simmons College

Courses Taught

  • ADMN 444: Busn for People, Plan,& Prof
  • ADMN 703: Strategic Mgt: Decision Making
  • ADMN 982: Strategic Mgt: Decision Making
  • INCO 505: SITC Internship
  • MGT 598: Top/Social Venture Innovation
  • PAUL 695: Independent Study

Selected Publications

Wilson, F. S., Maddocks, W., Drew, I., & Demaio, A. (2017). Meeting Farmers Where They Are: Increasing Agricultural Sustainability in Malawi Through Business Format Franchising. Carsey School of Public Policy. Retrieved from

Wilson, F. S., Maddocks, W., & Drew, I. (2017). Local Owners Driving Lasting Solutions: An Innovative Model for International Development and Poverty Alleviation. In Carsey Perspectives. Carsey School of Public Policy. Retrieved from

Pirson, M., Gangahar, A., & Wilson, F. (2016). Humanistic and economistic approaches to banking - better banking lessons from the financial crisis?. Business Ethics: A European Review, 25(4), 400-415. doi:10.1111/beer.12131

Smith, B., Meyskens, M., & Wilson, F. (2014). Should We Stay or Should We Go? ‘Organizational’ Relational Identity and Identification in Social Venture Strategic Alliances. Journal of Social Entrepreneurship, 5(3), 295-317. doi:10.1080/19420676.2014.927389

Wilson, F. S., Nelson, B., Venkatachalam, V., Cleaves, S., & Garnham, J. (2014). Educating Future Business Leaders: Integrating Sustainability into Business Curricula. International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education, 15(4). Retrieved from

Wilson, F. S., Post, J., Houghton, M., & Grzywinski, R. (2014). Socially Responsible Banking – A Platform for Innovation. In C. Louche, & T. Hebb (Eds.), Socially Responsible Investment in the 21st Century: Does It Make a Difference for Society. Emerald Publishing Group.

Wilson, F., & Post, J. E. (2013). Business models for people, planet (& profits): exploring the phenomena of social business, a market-based approach to social value creation. Small Business Economics, 40(3), 715-737. doi:10.1007/s11187-011-9401-0

Houghton, M., & Wilson, F. (2012). Over Two Decades and Eight Thousand Miles: The Cross-continental Collaboration on Development Finance of Two Social Enterprises, ShoreBank Corporation and BRAC. Journal of Corporate Citizenship, 2012(47), 75-99. doi:10.9774/

Wilson, F. S., Post, J. E., & Wilson, F. R. (2012). CEI Capital Management LLC. In BANKING WITH INTEGRITY: THE WINNERS OF THE FINANCIAL CRISIS? (pp. 76-90). Retrieved from

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