Erin Hiley Sharp

Associate Professor, Human Development and Family Studies
Master in Public Policy Faculty
Faculty Fellow


Erin Hiley Sharp, PhD, is a professor for the Master in Public Policy program, a Carsey faculty fellow and assistant professor of human development and family studies at the University of New Hampshire. Her research interests include activity involvement as a context for adolescent development; parental, family, and broader contextual influences on adolescent development; and prevention research and theory from a positive youth development perspective. At the Carsey School of Public Policy, Erin’s work focuses on investigating factors that contribute to the positive development of vulnerable youth. Much of this work will involve analysis of data from the Youth Panel Study of Coos County.

Erin received her doctorate degree in human development and family studies from the Pennsylvania State University in 2006. She joined UNH in 2009 after spending two years as an assistant professor of human development at Mississippi State University.