Allyson Ryder

Associate Director, Leadership NH
Carsey Fellow
image of ryder

Allyson Ryder is a Carsey Fellow for NH Listens.  She serves as the Associate Director of Leadership NH, a statewide nonprofit that annually convenes a diverse group of statewide leaders and exposes them to the major issues affecting New Hampshire with the goal of enhanced engagement.  In addition, Allyson has served in a variety of capacities that explores issues relating to mass incarceration, racial equity, gender equality and LGBTQ rights.

Allyson holds a Masters in Public Policy from the University of Southern Maine with a Graduate Certificate in Applied Research and Evaluation Methods, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Southern NH University’s 3-Year Honors Program.  She serves on several community boards and committees across the state, and has worked with NH Listens since 2012.  Allyson resides in North Hampton with her wife and their four-legged children.