A group of people sitting in a circle during a NH Listens event.

Each year, NH Listens hosts a number of events throughout New Hampshire. These online and in person events range from engaging local communities to increase participation, creating civic spaces to strengthen our civic fabric, and training the region’s network of skilled facilitators. You can view some of these events below.

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Training Opportunities and Roundtable Discussions

At New Hampshire Listens, our mission is to help New Hampshire residents talk and work together to create communities that work for everyone. If you are trying to figure out how to contribute in your local community during these next several weeks, we hope the following Local Listens Roundtables on Zoom will help spur your thinking. Join us to make a plan for staying connected, addressing bias, and building community.

All of these trainings are free and can be participated in by phone or computer using the free Zoom software. You'll want to download and test the Zoom software prior to the event. If you need assistance or have questions, please contact Michele Holt-Shannon.

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Sticking with a Tough Conversation Across Political Differences

Wednesday, September 2, 12:30 – 1 p.m.


We are living in a very divided time. Regardless of the topic, many of us have experienced loss of or harm to treasured relationships because of politics. How do we navigate relationships we want to preserve, despite the hurt and confusion? Do family and friends supersede politics? For most people, it does. How do we do this? How can we listen to each other and hold the tension of our differences? Join this short roundtable for tips and a chance to reflect on what approaches will work for you.

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Facilitating Online

Thursday, September 17, 3 – 4:30 p.m.


Join this brief training for tips on facilitating online. We’ll share a mix of tips for managing technology, drawing people in, and strengthening your skills as a facilitator.

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Many of us are trained to remain neutral when we serve as facilitators. However, that doesn't mean we are passive in the face of misunderstandings. This workshop helps enhance confidence to remain neutral, productively address issues, encourage and move conversation in a constructive manner. Fee $50 waived for students and those with financial need. Please contact Michele Holt-Shannon for a promotion code.

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This daylong workshop is designed to give participants an understanding of the critical role of facilitators in the broad spectrum of public engagement work. We spend time locating the work in local and statewide projects, walking through a typical talk to action process, and emphasizing the principles that guide our work. Prior facilitation experience is helpful but not necessary. Dress is casual and meals, refreshments, and training materials will be provided.

This training may be augmented by more extensive facilitator training offered annually by UNH Cooperative Extension. A $50 fee is waived for students and those with financial need. Please contact Michele Holt-Shannon for a promotion code.

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