NH Blue and You: Strengthening Community Through Connection

Image of people in different blue tops

It’s clear that more must be done to improve the relationship between communities and their police departments. While the reasons may vary, we think many Granite State residents are looking for an opportunity to connect with their neighbors and police departments to take a proactive look at how to move forward together. In partnership with the Seacoast and Manchester NAACP and the NH Association of Chiefs of Police, NH Listens offers custom resources to communities who want to work proactively to create more equitable communities. Contact us to learn about our current efforts in Dover, Manchester, Concord, the NH Seacoast Region, and Statewide.  

NH Blue and You: Strengthening Community Through Connection

A two-way street opportunity to get started talking about our shared values of fairness, safety, and respect. This hour-and-a-half event is cohosted by the Police Department and Local Partners. This is an event to create a foundation of connection and partnership between local residents and police officers so that the work to be done can be done together.

NH Blue and You: Building Trust, Increasing Safety

This three-hour community conversation is designed to create a list of priorities and areas for improvement. What is happening now with policing in your community?  What actions would create the best possible relationship between residents, police, and public officials?  These are the kinds of questions at the heart of these conversations. New Hampshire Listens worked with community leaders and law enforcement from Dover, Rochester, Durham, and the University of New Hampshire to create the following discussion guide which can be adapted for your community. 

NH Blue and You: Living Room Conversations 

Living Room Conversations provide a platform for people to come together to engage in self-guided, smaller group conversations. Typically, conversations have cohosts who hold differing views or roles, perhaps from different ethnic groups or police officers and civilians. Each co-host invites two or three friends and the group follows an easy-to-use format and set of questions to get acquainted with each other and with each other’s viewpoints on a chosen topic. These conversations foster new relationships and often reveal common ground. 

NH Blue and You: Protecting Communities, Serving the Public

A five-session discussion guide designed to help communities bring police and residents together to build trust and respect, develop better policies, and make changes for safer communities. Available in English and Spanish. This guide was created by our partners at Everyday Democracy and an updated version is due out in September.