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The mission of the Carsey School of Public Policy Master of Public Administration Program at the University of New Hampshire is to provide the public and nonprofit communities with an accessible and responsive curriculum designed to enhance the quality of professional management in those sectors. The MPA Program is committed to providing students with a strong foundation in theory and the applied skills necessary to foster democratic involvement, accountability and administrative competency in the provision and delivery of public services in towns, cities, state agencies, and a wide range of nonprofit and non-governmental organizations. Our faculty are dedicated to conducting high quality research, teaching that integrates practice and theory, and service to benefit the field of public administration and our broader community.  

Relying on a diverse faculty of full-time professors and seasoned practitioners, the MPA program seeks to fulfill its mission through innovative approaches that integrate practice and theory in course offerings, service to the community and region, as well as research designed to address issues and problems related to the work of public and nonprofit sectors.

In the MPA Program, the focus is on the needs of the public service and non-profit professional. Whether you work for a state agency or a non-profit organization, whether your position involves managing a town or development responsibilities for a cultural non-profit, whether you are involved in law enforcement or education, advising elected officials, delivering social services, or planning a career change, whether you have just earned your undergraduate degree or are a seasoned practitioner with years of field experience, the Carsey MPA is designed for you.

With courses conveniently offered at our Manchester campus, and additional elective courses online and in Durham, the MPA curriculum gives you the flexibility of going to school full time or fitting classes into your work schedule. Classes are offered year round in the early evenings for 8 week or 16 week sessions. This flexible schedule allows students to customize the program based on their needs.

With its emphasis on professionalism, the Carsey MPA program provides a classroom setting where committed students from a range of fields can share their valuable experience with others. In recent years, MPA students have included:

  • Police chiefs
  • Heads of major state agencies
  • New Hampshire town managers
  • Health care workers and hospital administrators
  • School administrators
  • Managers in state government agencies
  • Non-profit and non-governmental organization managers


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Academic Partnership Coordinator:
Sarah Dorner


"In my career, I’m responsible not just for day to day operations, but I’m also tasked regularly with policy development and finding solutions to the obstacles that are common place in organizational life.  The MPA program gave me the insight, skills and optics to look beyond my current training and experience and successfully navigate processes common at all levels of government, federal, state and local.  There is no doubt that the skills obtained in the MPA program that have proven so valuable in my present career will be invaluable in future career transitions throughout the public sector."  - Jeffrey Dade '17, Bomb Squad Commander, New Hampshire State Police