The Paul D. Coverdell Fellows Program

The Paul D. Coverdell Fellows Program


The Carsey School of Public Policy at the University of New Hampshire is proud to be a partner of the Peace Corps Paul D. Coverdell Fellows Program. More than 700 alumni of UNH have entered the Peace Corps over the years, and we would like to offer them and all returned Peace Corps volunteers the opportunity to further their education and expand their impact, both 
overseas and domestically. The partnership builds on the University's international leadership and ties directly to 
UNH's Strategic Plan for 2020.

What do Coverdell Fellows gain from the Carsey's master’s degree programs?

The Carsey School of Public Policy's graduate programs prepare individuals for advanced policy and sustainable community development work both in the United States and around the globe.  These programs offer you the skills to have an impact and make a difference in the often challenging environment of the 21st century.  Students are early- to mid-career professionals interested in obtaining an advanced degree that will give them both practical training for creating real-world innovative change and expertise from leading professionals in the field.

Students graduate with the knowledge, skills, and experience required to qualify for management positions within all levels of government, non-profit and non-governmental organizations, foundations, research institutes and centers, community-based organizations and private corporations.

What makes our program unique? 

  • Master in Public Policy:  Students accepted into the MPP program will begin this full-time, on campus program in the fall and complete the program in as little as 16 months (including a capstone and internship). Optional dual degrees include Public Policy and Juris Doctor (MPP/JD) and Public Policy and Analytics (MPP/MS Analytics) dual degrees. Learn more at
  • Master in Community Development Policy and Practice:  Students accepted into the MACDPP hybrid master’s program can begin in the fall with the online portion of the program which continues through the spring semester.  These online semesters are followed by a three-week on campus summer term at the University of New Hampshire campus in Durham, NH. The following spring through fall semesters are also taken online and are followed by the second and final three-week summer term on the UNH campus – completing the program in 24 months. This program is ideally suited for working professionals that wish to earn their degree while continuing to work.  Learn more at

What benefits does the master’s program offer to Coverdell Fellows? 

  • Returned Peace Corps Volunteers who enroll via the Coverdell Fellows program will receive a $4,000 tuition scholarship award with the potential to receive up to an additional $4,000 award based upon financial need (application form below), covering over 25% of the total tuition costs for both in-state and out-of-state applicants. These scholarships will be awarded in equal amounts over the first four terms of the master’s degree program.
  • To apply for the Coverdell Fellows scholarship, please complete and submit the online application form by April 20th:

How can Coverdell Fellows be part of the master’s program?

  • Apply to one of Carsey’s master’s degree programs (Master in Public Policy or the Master in Community Development Policy and Practice program):  Application to the program takes place online via the UNH Graduate School application page. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, but each degree program has their own application deadline dates and requirements. Application requirements include a completed online application form, a $65 application fee (waived if currently serving in the Peace Corps), an undergraduate degree, academic transcript(s), three letters of recommendation, an up-to-date resume, and a personal statement of the applicant’s relevant past experiences, including academics, research, and/or work experience. The personal statement should also include an expression of interests and an explanation of the student’s goals in pursuing a master's degree. If applying for the Master in Public Policy, the GRE is required. Coverdell Fellow applicants should state their RPCV status and their interest in enrolling through the Coverdell Fellows program in their personal statement.

  • Apply for the Coverdell Fellows Scholarship:  Returned Peace Corps Volunteers should complete the Online Scholarship Application Form  to be considered for this scholarship by March 31st. Applicants will be notified of their total award within two to three weeks.

Who should Coverdell Fellows get in touch with for any questions or clarifications?

Sanjeev Sharma
Program Manager
603-862-1871 (phone)
603-862-3878 (fax)