Center for Social Innovation and Enterprise: Social Sector Franchising Initiative 2018 Webinar Series -- Social Sector Franchising State of the Field 2018

Wednesday, May 9, 2018 - 10:00am to 11:00am

As social sector franchising (SSF) gains acceptance as a powerful option for replicating social enterprise, what are the prospects for significant dissemination of the methodology globally? In what sector has social franchising seen its greatest growth? What can we learn from social franchises like Woman 360, a network of antenatal care (ANC) health clinics recently launched in Ghana? Or from the development of the social franchise Jibu, an Uganda based concept delivering affordable, clean water to communities in Uganda and now operating internationally? We will examine their model and discuss how financial sustainability and making life-saving health impacts are mutually reinforcing objectives of Social Sector Franchising.

The Social Sector Task Force (SSTF) has been involved in promoting and supporting SSF in several important ways for more than seven. What has the task force learned from its Social Franchise Mentoring Program? How does the commercial franchise world view social franchising and is there a bigger role for the commercial sector to help build the capacity of the SSF field?

Our guests, Michael Seid and Peter Holt, will help us answer these questions. Both are highly accomplished commercial franchisers who have also been centrally involved in direct support for several large and successful social franchises; and have played leadership roles in the establishment and expansion of the Social Sector Franchising field. During this webinar, we will learn from the specific experiences of our expert panelists and take a 30,000 foot view of this emerging field, finally asking, where is the field going, and what needs to be done to grow the field to realize the immense potential of Social Sector Franchising?


Webinar Guests:

  • Michael Seid
    MSA Worldwide

  • Peter Holt
    President & CEO of The Joint Corp. NASDAQ: (JYNT)