Social Media, Politics, and a Tweeter-In-Chief: A Conversation with Reddit’s Communications Director at 3S Artspace in Portsmouth

Tuesday, October 3, 2017 - 7:00pm
3S Artspace, 319 Vaughan St, Portsmouth

What does it mean for the nation’s politics and civic discourse when crowd-sourced political messages beat out the strategies of top-gun media consultants, elections are decided by the effectiveness of candidates’ social media, political movements are built by keystrokes in dorm rooms, and media outlets wrestle with their responsibility in the face of a presidential administration that calls them fake news?

Anna Soellner is the Communications Director for Reddit, the fourth-most visited website in the United States with over 300 million monthly visitors. She joined Reddit following a background in pro-democracy communications. Carsey School Director Michael Ettlinger will interview Anna, followed by Q & A with the audience.