NH Listens: The Art of Strategic Questioning

Thursday, May 11, 2017 - 9:00am to 12:00pm
Memorial Union Building, Room 330/332, Durham

In any group, there is far more collective wisdom in the room than any one person has. The potential is there for new insights, more complete understanding, and innovative solutions to emerge, if the right conditions are in place.  A key facilitation skill to access this potential in a group is framing powerful questions.

In this workshop, facilitated by Beth Tener of New Directions Collaborative, you will practice the art of framing strategic questions. Strategic questions focus us on what could be. They enable people to see new options and alternatives and inspire movement. This session will include:

  • Exploring what makes a good strategic question
  • Practicing developing strategic questions for participant’s current challenges
  • Understanding how leadership looks different when leading with questions not answers     
  • Exploring how to use questions in combination with participatory group processes when designing agendas     

The $25 Fee may be waived for students and those with financial need. Just let us know!