The pilot run of the SMDP Online SAVIX Savings Group Management Information Systems (MIS Design, operation and application) course was rated as Excellent to Good by 90% of enrolled students

Student Testimonials

“SMDP SAVIX MIS online training is such an important course that organizations working with saving groups all over the world should embrace it because it gives a clear picture of how you compare both the trainers and the way the project is performing.”

“This is a great course for those working with the Savings Groups, to evaluate the performance and effectiveness as well as efficiency of their program.”

“Learning is not about what you are learning but who teaches you.”

“Learning the SAVIX MIS is one of the best things I have ever come across. It helped me to discover a lot of things I never knew such as creating a project to evaluating a project and managing it. This is one of the best ways for a company to learn how to evaluate a project’

“The online Savings Groups MIS course offered through the University of New Hampshire has enabled me build and widen my knowledge and skills in setting up, registering, configuring and management of saving group MIS. I was working with saving groups before but without enough skills on managing the groups data and information and this was a challenge. At the time of joining the course, I felt like I was getting into something very complicated and feared that I would not be able to complete the course. However, the design of the online course cleared my fears. The course offered very clear and detailed study materials, clear and precise power points that guided me and other learners through the course. The facilitator offered clear guidance through each of the modules and this facilitated my learning. The high level of coordination by the course director helped a lot in keeping me on course and on pace. I am optimistic that my work with VSLAs within my organization is going to greatly improve and will facilitate well informed decision making at the management level to improve the performance of the projects that have an element of saving groups. Thanks to the providers of the course and donors.

“MIS SAVIX is a great course. I was enlightened about database management and interpretation let alone creation of an MIS. So interesting and informative.”

"Community savings and lending groups have procedures to be followed. Most groups that are not doing well are as a result of poor implementation. Most of my groups before the course were disbanding at each first cycle sharing, with my new skills in managing savings groups, my groups are now able to pass cycle 1 share out".