Carsey Students

With MCD Student Janie Bright '21G
"I hope to build upon my community development experiences to better fulfill the mission of improving our members’ lives. I strongly believe the University of New Hampshire’s Community Development Policy and Practice Program will sharpen my skill set and allow me to understand the assessment of...
With MCD Student Letora Anderson
"Within this coming year, I hope to incorporate my experience in planning and landscape architecture as it pertains to community development. I look forward to learning more about the unique experiences of all in our diverse group of cohorts and professors!"       ~(MCD) Student Letora Anderson —...
With Accelerated MPP Student Meriah Metzger
"Having the experiences associated with the Accelerated Masters in Public Policy program has been really helpful in learning more about what I am interested in and how to best apply my skillset. "       ~(Accelerated MPP) Student Meriah Metzger  — Shelburne, VT
With MPP Student Christina Dubin
" I've become hooked on policy and am really excited to start this program and a new career path!"       ~(MPP) Student Christina Dubin — Portsmouth, NH Position: I am a former graphic designer, teacher and department chair. As an environmental minor, I often worked on the side for grassroots...
With MPP Student Ellie Masson
"I am excited about learning the different types of fields and careers and having the ability to learn plenty more about criminal justice issues and how we can move towards a more restorative justice system. "       ~(MPP) Student Ellie Masson  — Shelburne, VT
Education: I did my undergrad at UNH and I was a dual major in History and Justice Studies with minors in Sociology and Forensics. Why did you decide to pursue a Masters in Public Policy? I was originally interested in law school with the intention of going into immigration law but after performing...
With MPP Student Tavion Dignard
"Obtaining my BA in Women’s Studies gave me the push to move toward “being the change” and gaining further knowledge of the intersection of gender and gender roles within society currently and historically and experience in advocating for feminism and various social justice issues."       ~(MPP)...
With MPA Student Juliet Webber
"I am passionate about education, and finding ways to make lifelong learning accessible for all and I hope to integrate these areas throughout my MPA studies."       ~(MPA) Student Juliet Webber — East Kingston, NH
With MPA Student Jennifer Salazar
"I want to be someone that works with people but more importantly, I want to help people. "       ~(MPA) Student Jennifer Salazar — Manchester, NH Position: I am currently employed as the Executive Assistant to the College Dean, the Academic Dean, and the Associate Dean of Enrollment at UNH...
With MPA Student Jeanne Walker
"It has been some time since I was in school and quite a bit has changed but I am up for this challenge. It promises to be quite a ride."       ~(MPA) Student Jeanne Walker — Nashua, NH Position: I currently work for the Town of Bedford as the Town Engineer (since 2017), but have over 15 years of...
With MPA Student Andrea LaBonté
"To implement the changes I want to make, I believe the Master’s in Public Administration program makes sense as my next step."       ~(MPA) Student Andrea LaBonté — Bolton, MA
With MPA Student Aislinn Forbes
"I am passionate about education equity and income inequality! I decided to join the MPA program to learn how to be a more effective organizer and manager. "       ~(MPA) Student Aislinn Forbes — Auburn, NH