Carsey Alumni

With Alum Ellie Masson '22G (MPP)
"I am excited about learning the different types of fields and careers and having the ability to learn plenty more about criminal justice issues and how we can move towards a more restorative justice system. "       ~(MPP) Alum Ellie Masson '22G — Shelburne, VT
With Alum Sister Marilin Llanes '21G (MCD)
"I'm energized by immersing myself in diverse cultures and realities and seeking inspiring conversations with others that want to make our world a better place to live and co-exist together."       ~(MCD) Student Sister Marilin Llanes — Westchester, IL
With Alum Anne Lawson '21G (MCD)
"Community development seemed like coming home."       ~(MCD) Alum Anne Lawson — Somerville, MA
With Alum Alena Klimas '21G (MCD)
"I'm passionate about regional economic development, community projects, and our beautiful mountains!"       ~(MCD) Alum Alena Klimas — Parkersburg, WV
With Alum Heather Hobby '21G (MCD)
"Although it is still a challenge every day with balancing work, housework, mommy duties, and now school, I have the determination to achieve my goal to show my children to always shoot for the stars."       ~(MCD) Alum Heather Hobby — Fowler, CO
With Alum Jean Damascene Hakuzimana '20G (MCD)
"I am in my second year and I am looking forward to learning more together with this incredible team!"       ~(MCD) Alum Jean Damascene Hakuzimana '20G — Concord, NH
With Alum Kayla Giordano '21G (MCD)
"I am excited to be learning again after three years away from school!"       ~(MCD) Alum Kayla Giordan — Deep River, CT
With Alum Janie Bright '21G (MCD)
"I hope to build upon my community development experiences to better fulfill the mission of improving our members’ lives. I strongly believe the University of New Hampshire’s Community Development Policy and Practice Program will sharpen my skill set and allow me to understand the assessment of...
With Alum Letora Anderson '21G (MCD)
"Within this coming year, I hope to incorporate my experience in planning and landscape architecture as it pertains to community development. I look forward to learning more about the unique experiences of all in our diverse group of cohorts and professors!"       ~(MCD) Alum Letora Anderson —...
With Alum Tara Griffin '19G (MPP)
"Take full advantage of all the opportunities that Carsey offers! The faculty is second to none and have unbelievable experience. Listen to their stories and learn from their lessons."        ~(MPP) Alum Tara Griffin '19G
With Alum Catherine Naczas '92G (MPA)
"After building a good foundation of experience – some 6 years in assisted/subsidized housing – I knew that getting my MPA was the next step in furthering my career. The MPA program put me in contention for the executive director position with the Laconia Housing Authority."       ~(MPA) Alum...
With Alum Megan Brabec '19G (MPA)
"The program allowed me to meet people doing great work around the state, and it helped me build up tangible skills that allow me to serve my community more effectively and efficiently."        ~(MPA) Alum Megan Brabec '19G