Feminist Studies Graduate Certificate


Feminist Studies Graduate Certificate

When combined with a Carsey School master's degree program, the Feminist Studies Graduate Certificate program expands student career pathways in the field of contemporary feminism, activism, and related professional networks.

The Feminist Studies Graduate Certificate also enables students to conduct research in the areas of critical Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies and centrally relies on analyses from such fields as critical race, ethnicity, nationality, class, age, religion, and disability studies.

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Curriculum & Requirements

2 Required Courses:
  • WS 832 ~ Feminist Theory
  • WS 898 ~ Colloquium in Feminist Studies
2 Elective Courses:
  • PPOL 902 ~ Strategy and Practice of Public Policy (required if pursuing the MPA or MPP)
Choose 1 Additional Graduate Certificate Elective from the Following:
  • EDUC 932 ~ Society and Culture: Contemporary Issues in Counseling
  • EDUC 950 ~ Research in Culture, Behavior, and Development
  • EDUC 818 ~ Critical Social Justice in and Beyond Education
  • ENGL 897 ~ Special Studies in Literature
  • ENGL 914 ~ Special Topics in Composition and Rhetoric
  • ENGL 922 ~ Advanced Topics in Literacy Instruction
  • ENGL 927 ~ Seminar: Feminist Criticism Theory and Practice
  • ENGL 935 ~ Seminar: Studies in American Literature
  • ENGL 974 ~ Seminar: Studies in 20th Century British Literature
  • HDFS 857 ~ Race, Class, Gender, and Families
  • HIST 865 ~ Themes in Women's History
  • HIST 897 ~ Colloquium (Queer Theory)
  • MGT 798 ~ Topics (Women in Leadership)
  • POLT 821 ~ Feminist Political Theory
  • SOC 876 ~ Family Violence Research Seminar
  • SPAN 897 ~ Topics in Hispanic Literature and Cultural Studies
  • SPAN 898 ~ Topics in Hispanic Literature and Cultural Studies
  • SW 801 ~ Women and Aging
The four graduate certificate courses will replace degree requirements in your master's program as follows:
  • WS 832, WS 898, PPOL 902, and a Feminist Studies Graduate Certificate Elective will be substituted for 4 of the 5 required Elective MPA courses.
  • PPOL 902 - Strategy and Practice of Public Policy is a Required course in the MPP program and is an Elective course in the Graduate Certificate
  • WS 832, WS 898, and a Feminist Studies Graduate Certificate Elective will be substituted for 3 of the 4 Elective courses required in the MPP program.

For details and to apply for the Feminist Studies Graduate Certificate, visit the Feminist Studies Graduate Certificate webpage.