Data Science Graduate Certificate


Data Science Graduate Certificate

When combined with a Carsey School master's degree program, the Data Science Graduate Certificate program expands student career pathways to make a greater impact within their organization and community with these advanced data analysis tools.

This certificate is beneficial to those pursuing careers as a business analyst, data analyst, financial analyst, computer scientist, programmers, database administrators, researchers, statisticians, and marketing. 

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Curriculum & Requirements

To complete the Data Science Graduate Certificate, students will need to successfully complete the following four courses:
  • DATA 800 ~ Introduction to Applied Analytic Statistics
  • DATA 820 ~ Programming for Data Science
  • DATA 821 ~ Data Architecture
  • DATA 822 ~ Data Mining and Predictive Modeling
The four graduate certificate courses will replace degree requirements in your master's program as follows:
  • DATA 800 will be substituted for the MPA's PA 805-Intro to Statistical Analysis course, fulfilling 1 of 4 Basic Core Courses required in the MPA program.
  • DATA 820, DATA 821, and DATA 822 courses will be substituted for 3 of the 5 required Elective MPA courses.
  • DATA 800 will be substituted for the MPP's PPOL 908-Quantitative Methods for Policy Research course, fulfilling 1 of 5 Core Curriculum Courses required in the MPP program
  • DATA 820 and DATA 821 will be substituted for 2 MPP courses required for the MPP's Policy Analysis Track
  • DATA 822 will be substituted for 1 of the 4 Elective courses required in the MPP program

For details and to apply for the Data Science Graduate Certificate, visit the Data Science Graduate Certificate webpage.