Assessment and Evaluation Graduate Certificate


Assessment and Evaluation Graduate Certificate

When combined with a Carsey School master's degree program, the Assessment and Evaluation Graduate Certificate program expands student career pathways in the education and nonprofit sectors by developing skillsets for establishing effective assessment systems and strategies for informed decision-making.

Embedded in each of the courses is an emphasis on the role of broader policy contexts in assessment, evaluation, and decision­-making. The intended audience of this certificate may comprise of professionals in education, broadly defined. This includes public and private school teachers; administrators, district office staff, psychology, social work, and family studies professionals; nonprofit professionals including museum educators; and those interested in a career change. 

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Curriculum & Requirements

3 Required Courses:
  • EDUC 885 ~ Introduction to Assessment
  • EDUC 886 ~ Issues in Assessment: Historical Contexts, Perennial Dilemmas, Current Trends
  • EDUC 972 ~ Introduction to Educational Evaluation
1 Elective Course (chosen from this list):
  • EDUC 882 ~ Introduction to Research Methods
  • EDUC 884 ~ Educators as Researchers
  • EDUC 958 ~ Analysis of Teaching and Learning
  • EDUC 959 ~ Issues in Education
The four graduate certificate courses will replace degree requirements in your master's program as follows:
  • EDUC 972 will be substituted for the MPA's PA 804-Policy & Program Evaluation course, fulfilling 1 of 3 Advanced Core Courses required in the MPA program.
  • EDUC 885, EDUC 886, and the EDUC Elective courses will be substituted for 3 of the 5 required Elective MPA courses.
  • EDUC 882 and EDUC 972 will be substituted for the 2 MPP courses required for the MPP's Policy Analysis Track.
  • EDUC 886 and the EDUC Elective courses will be substituted for 2 of the 4 Elective courses required in the MPP program.

For details and to apply for the Education Department's Assessment and Evaluation Graduate Certificate, visit the Assessment and Evaluation Graduate Certificate webpage.