Dual Degree Programs


Students standing in front of Thompson Hall.

The Carsey School of Public Policy offers two dual degree programs. One is offered with the UNH School of Law in which a student can pursue a Master in Public Policy and a Juris Doctor. The other dual degree is offered with the Analytics & Data Science Program in which a student can pursue a Master in Public Policy and an M.S. in Analytics. Both of these options allow students to pursue two degrees simultaneously, maximizing their investment and their impact.

Additional Information

The University of New Hampshire offers a dual degree program in policy and analytics that provides students with the skills needed to analyze critical societal issues, develop policy solutions, and translate analysis into action. The two degrees, one a Master in Public Policy (MPP) and the other a Master of Science in Analytics, offer students highly marketable credentials in just two years of study. 

The integrated program combines the MPP offered by the Carsey School of Public Policy with the MS Analytics offered by the UNH Graduate Program in Analytics & Data Science. Students can start the program with a focus on either the MPP or the MS in Analytics but study content from each program during each year. There is a capstone experience during the second year for both paths that demonstrates command of skills from each program.

The Carsey School of Public Policy and the UNH Law School offer a dual MPP/JD degree program that provides students with highly valuable and marketable skills and credentials to make an impact on public policy. The two degrees are generally awarded after three and a half years in the program. Taken separately and sequentially it would normally take four and a half years to get both degrees. Thus, the combined program offers substantial savings in time and expense.

This dual degree program is designed to train students who wish to effectively combine legal training with public policy skills for careers that benefit from specialized training in both fields. Students will gain a deep understanding of how legal and policy issues relate and how to use this understanding to have an impact and make a difference in the complex contemporary world of law and public policy.