Master in Public Policy / Analytics Dual Degree

Master in Public Policy / Analytics Dual Degree

The University of New Hampshire offers a dual degree program in policy and analytics that provides students with the skills needed to analyze critical societal issues, develop policy solutions, and translate analysis into action. The two degrees, one a Master in Public Policy (MPP) and the other a Master of Science in Analytics, offer students highly marketable credentials in just two years of study. 

The integrated program combines the MPP offered by the Carsey School of Public Policy with the MS Analytics offered by the UNH Graduate Program in Analytics & Data Science. Students can start the program with a focus on either the MPP or the MS Analytics but study content from each program during each year. There is a capstone experience during the second year for both paths that demonstrates command of skills from each program.

Admission Requirements

Students wishing to pursue the MPP/MS Analytics dual degree program must apply and be accepted separately into each of the two degree programs. Current students in either program can apply to the second program and tuition will be adjusted accordingly. Learn more.

Course of Study

The Carsey School requires 40 credits to obtain the MPP degree and the Analytics Program requires 36 credits for the MS Analytics.  Each program will accept 9 credits for successfully completed courses in the other program and there is a combined 3 credit capstone project. The dual degree thus has a total requirement of 61 credits.


The MPP/MS Analytics dual degree program has a tuition structure that reflects the reduced time to degree in both the Carsey School and the Analytics Program.  If both degrees are completed in four semesters plus a January term and one summer, the total tuition for full-time non-residents is $51,200. For full-time NH residents, it is $46,475.  If the MPP and MS Analytics were to be pursued separately, the cost for non-residents would be $61,320 and NH residents would pay, $55,695. 


For UNH Analytics:

Lyin Schramm
Program Coordinator
(603) 862-0803

For the Carsey School of Public Policy:

Curt Grimm
Deputy Director
(603) 862-3788